Information about our Slabs


We have live edge wood slabs for SALE!

If you have a building project- these are perfect for countertops, bar tops, shelves, mantles, or beautiful furniture...anything!
Come and see our large assortment of Domestic Wood Slabs!

  • Every slab has been air dried for almost 3 years, then kiln dried to below 10% moisture.
    This process ensures that your piece will not split or warp once it is in your home.

  • After the drying process, each slab is sterilized with heat to kill any bugs or fungi that may remain in the wood.

  • After each slab is sterilized, we then flatten each one so that they are ready to be sanded and finished by us- or you may purchase them in our Live Edge Warehouse and create your own masterpiece.

Slabs are not yet available for purchase online or shipping, however, you may give us a call at (828) 437-9217 for more info.

Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Cottonwood, Poplar, Royal Empress, Mahogany, Pine, Sycamore, Slippery Elm
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