Information about our Slabs


We have live edge wood slabs for SALE!

If you have a building project- these are perfect for countertops, bar tops, shelves, mantles, or beautiful furniture...anything!
Come and see our large assortment of Domestic Wood Slabs!

  • Every slab has been air-dried for almost 3 years, then kiln-dried to below 10% moisture.
    This process ensures that your piece will not split or warp once it is in your home.

  • After the drying process, each slab is sterilized with heat to kill any bugs or fungi that may remain in the wood.

  • After each slab is sterilized, we then flatten each one so that they are ready to be sanded and finished by us- or you may purchase them in our Live Edge Warehouse and create your own masterpiece.

Other information:

-If you are looking to purchase or pick up a large piece of wood, please bring a friend to help you load, or call ahead so we can have someone help you load them into your vehicle.

-All slabs are dried to below 10% moisture, so if you are in an open-bed truck, do not haul them in the rain unless you have tarps.

-We do have a table with small cuts for sale if you need to practice your finishing or epoxy techniques or have small projects.

-We also have a selection of turning blanks available.

-All of our wood is sourced from NC from local landowners.

-Ask for assistance before moving anything taller than yourself in the slab warehouse. They are HEAVY and we are trained in moving large slabs!

-Any large slabs over ~8.5' will need additional assistance for moving. If you know you are looking for big stuff ahead of time, let us know and we will have more hands on deck when you arrive! (We are happy to help!)

-We typically have only one person working in the showroom at most times. We are trained in moving large items safely, but we can have someone here to help move larger items within 10-15 minutes.

We have over 1,500 wood slabs to choose from in the warehouse ranging from $15 to $1500. If you need a rough price estimate, give the showroom a call and we will give you an estimated slab price based on your required measurements. These are estimates and are not specific to any one slab. (828) 437-9217.

PLEASE CALL THE SHOWROOM PRIOR TO ARRIVAL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR ALL CUSTOM PROJECTS. We are more than happy to discuss finishing slabs for bars, tables, and benches, but more detailed projects will need to be discussed with the designer/owner.

Slabs are not yet available for purchase online or shipping, however, you may give us a call at (828) 437-9217 for more info.

Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Cottonwood, Poplar, Royal Empress, Mahogany, Pine, Sycamore, Slippery Elm
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